Profs. Howell and Smith Futrell on Impact of Stop & Frisk

Professors Babe Howell and Nicole Smith Futrell discuss the impact of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practice on “Inside Out”.

Howell teaches criminal law, and her scholarship focuses on the intersection of the criminal justice system and race. In September she was appointed by Southern District Judge Shira Scheindlin to an academic advisory council that will assist the court-appointed facilitator in developing reforms of stop-and-frisk practices.

Smith Futrell is a clinical law professor and supervising attorney in the Criminal Defense Clinic. Prior to joining the faculty, she was a public defender at the Bronx Defenders. Her clinical practice and research and writing interests are focused on challenging discriminatory police practices, indigent defense reform, and social justice lawyering. Read her analysis of the decision finding the New York City Police Department’s stop and frisk policy unconstitutional here.