Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

Check out our latest links – including Jessica Glazer's story for Crain’s New York Business story about B&H’s plans to move its warehouse upstate.

Check out our latest links – including Jessica Glazer’s story for Crain’s New York Business revealing B&H’s plans to move its warehouse upstate.

The clips, happily, are piling up faster than fall leaves. Check out our latest links:

•Jessica Glazer’s story about B&H’s plans to move its warehouse upstate made Page 3 of Crain’s New York Business.

•Jillian Eugenios’ explainer video about the shutdown’s impact on the lumber industry got a great shoutout from Roll Call.

•Parker Brown’s piece about the cranberry bog annually set up at Rockefeller Plaza made the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

•Ashley Rodriguez reported on a Brooklyn charter school co-location controversy for Bensonhurst Bean.

•Rosa Goldensohn interviewed performance artist Neal Medlyn for BOMBlog.

•Alessandra Malito reported on a zoning fight for the Queens Chronicle.

•Linda Villarosa covered the recent international AIDS Vaccine conference in Barcelona for The Huffington Post.

•The Mott Haven Herald is bustling: Jeannie Choi and Nicholas Wells teamed on an interactive graphic-driven look at the city’s trash system. Natalie Fertig and Rikki Reyna combined on a police blotter report. Qingqing Chen and Ross Keith followed them on the cop beat a week later. Mariana Marcaletti reported on a Bronx cheer for Banksy. Jenna O’Donnell covered a call to overhaul the city’s waste management methods. Minda Smiley wrote about a young gardener. Steve Trader reported on a participatory budget meeting.

•A team of J-Schoolers covered high school fairs for Gotham Schools. Contributors include: Julia Alsop, Parker Brown, Graham Corrigan, Kiratiana Freelon, Rebecca Harris, Rachael Levy, Brianna McGurran, Oliver Morrison, Hakeem Muhammed, Jacob Naughton, Kayle Schnell, Roxanne Scott, Oresti Tsonopoulos and Maria Villasenor.

•Matt Surrusco, working for The Daily Beast’s Open Zion blog, wrote about Palestinians forced to flee Syria.

•Erin Brodwin, working for Scientific American, wrote about a report that found tobacco companies target children in the developing world.

•Brianne Barry and Aine Pennello, working for our News Service, reported on a sad anniversary for the NYPD. Sierra Leone Stark and Orie Givens’ story about a report on keeping kids out of prison got picked up by Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. Jonathan Moffie and Alex Wolf’s News Service coverage of a rally by families of detained immigrants got picked up by Voices of NY.

•Speaking of Voices of NY: Gwynne Hogan wrote a piece about a Bushwick school where students work on an urban farm.

•Casey Cipriani wrote about the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival for IndieWire. Thad Komorowski interviewed Tod Polson, the author of a book about animation designer Maurice Noble, for IndieWire’s Animation Scoop site.

•The latest on The Nabe includes posts by, among others, Rebecca Bratek, Ben Brody, Juliette Dekeyser, Daniel Lewis, Audrey McGlinchy and Amanda Woods.

Some offerings from our Alumni Corner:

•Lindsay Armstrong, reporting for Youth Today, wrote about a new book that examines the foster care system. Mary Shell reported on efforts to stave off hunger among children in Branson, Missouri. Gwen McClure, working for a related outlet, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, wrote about a photographer who chronicled the life of a homeless teen.

•Lakshmi Gandhi examined the origins of Columbus Day for NPR’s Code Switch blog.

•Bianca Seidman’s story about the band Wilsen made the cover of The Deli magazine.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!