LaGuardia Community College Professor Teams Up with Comedian Amy Sedaris in Videos on Rabbit Care for

Long Island City, NY—November 15, 2013—Mary Cotter, a LaGuardia Community College veterinary technology instructor and rabbit expert, has paired up with Amy Sedaris, comedian and bunny lover, in 49 on-line videos on how to care for your pet rabbit.

The videos were produced by Howcast, an online media company that streams instructional videos on a panoply of topics ranging from how to bake a pie to how to tie a bowtie to how to take portraits.  Every month, the how-to website streams tens of millions of videos across its multi-platform distribution network.

In the bunny care videos, Ms. Cotter and Ms. Sedaris casually talk about a host of topics of interest for rabbit owners and anyone interested in buying, or better still, adopting these adorable, but high-maintenance pets.  Standing behind a table as a rabbit calmly sits in his litter box, Mary and Amy casually talk about how to make your home bunny proof, whether your pet should have free range of your house and how to tell when your rabbit is sick.

“There is a whole list of things that people should know before considering a rabbit,” said Dr. Cotter.  “Unfortunately, too many times, parents will buy a bunny for their young child around Easter, not realizing how much care it requires, and after a couple of weeks they end up putting them up for adoption.”

“Some of the important things they should know,” she added, “are that an adult must be the primary caretaker, that adequate “rabbit-proofed” space for exercise is needed, that their pet cannot be left alone on weekends, and that rabbits need veterinary care, which can be more expensive than care for a dog or cat because rabbits are considered exotic animals.”

Dr. Cotter gathered her wealth of knowledge about rabbits by living with and observing these furry animals for over 30 years.  She acquired her first rabbit in 1982 when she was a contributing photographer for People magazine, and her next two rabbits while working as a creative director of JMCT Advertising and completing her doctorate in education at Columbia University, Teachers College.

After completing her doctorate, she volunteered at a private veterinary practice.  It was then that she decided to enroll in LaGuardia’s veterinary technology program where she earned her associate’s degree in 2004 and joined the vet technology faculty the following year.

She is also the vice president of the International House Rabbit Society, the largest rabbit rescue organization in the world, and the founder and president of Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, a licensed chapter of HRS.

It was through the organization that Howcast approached the nationally recognized rabbit expert.  Dr. Cotter suggested to the producer that Ms. Sedaris, who adopted a rabbit from her 11 years ago, team up with her.  “We both wanted to do videos together for the past few years, so this was a perfect opportunity,” said Dr. Cotter.

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