Craft Prof. David Lewis’s Biopic Wins Documentary Award

Craft Prof. David Lewis’s Biopic Wins Documentary Award

Hentoff_CVR_082113The Pleasures of Being Out of Step, Craft Prof. David Lewis’s documentary on renowned jazz critic and free speech advocate Nat Hentoff, has won the Grand Jury Prize in the DOC NYC Metropolis Competition.

In addition, the companion book by the same name is now available from the CUNY Journalism Press. The book is an oral history that further explores the life of this iconic journalist based on interviews conducted for the film. It is available in both paperback and e-book format through CUNY J-Press and

The DOC NYC jurors selected Lewis’s film from among nine entries in this section, which showcases documentaries that exemplify the diverse range of stories in New York City. In their statement about the film, they said, “Nat Hentoff epitomizes the spirit of New York: an outsider, an underdog, an intellectual and iconoclast. The Pleasures Of Being Out of Step draws a fascinating portrait of a gifted jazz critic, linking the dissonances and syncopation of an American art form with the right to free speech. The film captures, through a series of interviews and great archival footage, the essence of Hentoff and shows how his self-examined life contributed to the cultural and political debates of the mid-late 20th century.”

The main prize is a week-long theatrical run at the IFC Center on Sixth Avenue in the Village. The other prize is a digital production package. The film will be in theaters, including the IFC run, in 2014.

Other films featured in the Metropolis section were Patrolman P, directed by Ido Mizrahy; Exposed, directed by Beth B; The Sarnos: A Life in Dirty Movies, directed by Wiktor Ericsson; A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jason Blair at The New York Times, directed by Samantha Grant; Here One Day, directed by Kathy Leichter; I Learn America, directed by Jean-Michel Dissard and Gitte Peng; Lucky, directed by Laura Checkoway; and Misfire: The Rise and Fall of the Shooting Gallery, directed by Whitney Ransick.