LaGuardia Community College Students Organize Fundraiser to Help Survivors of the Typhoon That Hit the Philippines

Long Island City, NY—November 25, 2013—LaGuardia Community College’s student clubs banded together to collect money for survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan that ravaged the fragile islands of the Philippines.

Students from the Philippine Union of LaGuardia Students Organization (PULSO), the People Power Movement chapter, the President’s Society, the Honors Student Advisory Committee and the ePortfolio team, along with the Office of Campus Life, Student Development, Crisis and Personal Guidance Services and the Office of International Student Services conducted a two-day fundraising campaign that collected $2,077.39.  All donations will go to Doctors Without Borders.

“It was uplifting to see such across-the-board student engagement,” said Dr. Karlyn Koh, an English professor and director of the honors program, who recruited honors students.

Girard Tecson, the PULSO faculty mentor, said that as soon as the news hit the campus, the students and departments quickly mobilized and put a fundraising campaign in place.  “This is what makes LaGuardia such a special place,” he said.

Mercedes del Rosario, college liaison for the CUNY-wide Philippine relief operations and ePortfolio director, also recruited the ePortfolio team to help collect donations.  A Filipina herself, she expressed sincere gratitude to the LaGuardia college community for its relief effort.

During the two days, 31 student volunteers, with collection jars in hand, asked their fellow classmates and faculty to donate to this worthy cause.

Beaudlaire Jean Charles, a People Power member from Haiti, who had a collection jar filled with dollar bills, said he wanted to be a part of the campaign because he understands how a natural disaster can impact a country and its people.  “Being from Haiti, and having family in the country when the earthquake struck in 2010, brings this disaster close to home,” he said.  “I understand what the people of the Philippines are going through.”

“It was nice to see students and faculty who had no connection with the Philippines make a contribution,” said Princess Claveria, a Filipino student who lost a family friend.  “Although students may feel that a small donation will not make a difference, it truly helps the survivors.”

Mr. Tecson said PULSO plans on organizing a benefit show off campus  with other CUNY Filipino clubs.

“This is an example of the spirit of LaGuardia,” said Dr. Gail O. Mellow, president of LaGuardia.  “This is a place where our students think and act globally and with the determination and passion to make our world a better place to live.”

This is the LaGuardia community’s latest relief effort.  In 2010 when a powerful earthquake hit Haiti, the students held a fundraiser for the survivors.  And the following year, when Japan was ravaged by a devastating earthquake and tsunami, the students again organized a college-wide fundraising campaign.

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