2013 CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship Honorable Mention Award for City Tech Student

Congratulations to architectural technology student Sittha Siriprakaisak, recipient of a $250 CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship Honorable Mention Award presented at the Asian American/Asian Research Institute’s (AAARI) 12th Annual Gala in November 2013. The Thomas Tam Scholarship is funded by an endowment established by CUNY in recognition of Dr. Thomas Tam’s contributions as a former member of the Board of Trustees, founding executive director of AAARI, and leadership in the Asian American community. The Scholarships are awarded to qualified Asian or non-Asian undergraduate CUNY students who have demonstrated creativity in the communication of the concerns of the Asian American community in areas such as health, education and culture.

At City Tech, Siriprakaisak participated in a design studio that studied the urban fabric of Manhattan’s Chinatown. For his project, “The First Step to Redevelop Chinatown,” he researched and designed solutions for several sites in Chinatown to address the needs for open space and quality housing. His redesign concept concentrated on the area of Walker, Canal and Baxter Streets and proposed improvements that included pedestrian walkways for the side streets, a waterfall wall to reduce noise pollution and serve as an area for people to relax, and the creation of a structure that serves as a recognizable focal point for visitors to the Chinatown area.