Professor Nathan H. Lents Interviewed About DNA Evidence on CBS’s 48 Hours

Professor Nathan Lents in the Department of Sciences commented on the defense’s explanation of DNA evidence presented in the Redding murder case featured in CBS’s 48 Hours entitled, “The Murder of Juliana Redding: A Hollywood Whodunit.” The program explores the mysterious stalking and murder of the 21-year old actress and model, Juliana Redding. Lents discusses and demonstrates how incidences of secondary transfer of DNA is uncommon.

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Lents’s research lab studies gene expression control and cellular signaling.  Specifically, he combines bioinformatics standard bench molecular biology techniques in order to reveal new tissue-and context-specific regulatory networks of gene regulation.  In other words, they study how certain genes get turned on in a specific time and place in the human body. His lab also frequently works on projects in the field of forensic biology and toxicology, especially in the area of controlled substances and DNA.