Professor Michio Kaku Probes the Mind in Latest Book

In “The Future of the Mind” CCNY physicist explores feasibility of telepathy, telekinesis, photographing a dream, uploading memories

Its publication date is more than a month away, but Dr. Michio Kaku, Henry Semat Professor of Physics at The City College of New York, is already receiving rave reviews for his latest book, “The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind.” The 400-page book, which probes the human brain and its immense potential, will be released by Doubleday February 25.

In the book, Professor Kaku, who has several best-seller titles to his credit, documents how, for the first time in history, the secrets of the living brain are being revealed by a battery of high-tech brain scans devised by physicists. What was once solely the province of science fiction has become a startling reality. Recording memories, telepathy, videotaping our dreams, mind control, avatars and telekinesis are not only possible; they already exist and have been achieved in the laboratory.

The book goes even further, analyzing when one day we might have a complete map of the brain, or a back up Brain 2.0, which may allow scientists to send consciousness throughout the universe. ”

The Future of the Mind” is a top non-fiction pick on iBook’s list of this winter’s biggest books.

“Publishers Weekly” calls it an “expansive, illuminating journey through the mind” in which Professor Kaku explores fantastical realms of science fiction that may soon become our reality.

“Kaku turns his attention to the human mind with equally satisfying results,” noted Kirkus Reviews. “Telepathy is no longer a fantasy since scanners can already detect, if crudely, what a subject is thinking, and genetics and biochemistry now allow researchers to alter memories and increase intelligence in animals.”

Professor Kaku’s other titles include “Physics of the Future” (Anchor 2012), “Physics of the Impossible” (Anchor, 2009) and “Hyperspace” (Anchor 1995). Both “Physics of the Future” and “Physics of the Impossible” were New York Times best sellers.

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