A Chance to Say Thanks for the J-School’s Former Dean

January 30, 2014 | CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

A Chance to Say Thanks for the J-School’s Former Dean

Shepard at commencementFormer Dean Stephen B. Shepard and his wife Lynn Povich have left the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism with a generous parting gift: a $150,000 donation to an eponymous scholarship fund that will award J-School tuition money to carefully chosen graduates of one of the CUNY colleges.

Recipients will be chosen based on their undergraduate academic performance and their potential for outstanding careers in journalism. Initially, the fund will provide one-year, full-tuition scholarships to three such students every year.

The original idea to launch a scholarship fund in Shepard’s name came from his friends, Bill and Sheila Lambert, soon after the J-School opened in 2006. They pledged $150,000, but have actually donated a total of about $200,000 since then. That money — added to the $150,000 from Shepard and Povich, $250,000 from Shepard’s former employer McGraw-Hill, and smaller contributions — brings the fund’s total to nearly $700,000. The goal is to reach $1 million.

That CUNY graduates will be the beneficiaries of this scholarship fund has special meaning for Shepard, who relinquished the deanship to Sarah Bartlett on Dec. 31. “I graduated from City College, where I received a great education (and edited my first magazine) — all tuition free,” he said. “This, in a small way, is a chance to say thanks.”