Big Changes Ahead

Big changes are heading our way!  April, 2014, Medgar Evers College will transition from the current eSIMS system and over to CUNYfirst Campus Solutions.  The Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool (First) will be our new suite of technology tools, which will replace our rapidly aging Student Information Management System (SIMS).  The benefits for students, faculty and staff are tremendous.

For Students

  • Single user name and password for all CUNYfirst applications
  • Direct connections via internet to CUNYfirst Portal from any location
  • Ability to search for classes by name, discipline, class number or other factors. Displays which classes are open or closed.
  • Students can place class choices into a “shopping cart”.  Must confirm classes that are wanted for final schedule
  • Ability to plan future term course choices in Planner
  • Ability to view, on demand, personal information and class history.  In some cases students can change information (contact data, secondary email address, etc.)
  • Ability to access unofficial transcript for planning and advisement purposes


For Faculty and Staff

  • Single user name and password for all CUNYfirst applications
  • Direct connections via internet to CUNYfirst Portal from any location
  • Ability to view, on demand, personal information and work history
  • Ability to change personal email addresses (CUNY/College email must remain the primary address), Emergency Contacts and Professional Memberships
  • Provide documentation to update changes and confirm current information for:

Home address

Marital Status

Name Change

Social Security Number

New or re-submitting I-9

New or advanced degrees


For Faculty

  • Create and view weekly instructional calendar by daily, weekly and monthly views
  • View Class Rosters as soon as students register
  • Ability to email entire class or specific individuals from rosters
  • Advanced Advisement Tools for faculty advisors
  • Ability to see, in real time, student transcripts, current class schedule and contact information with the ability to contact student directly through CUNYfirst
  • Ability to contact advisee’s instructors through CUNYfirst
  • Ability to view service indicators (holds, etc.)
  • Ability for Provosts, Deans and Chairs to view instructor’s teaching history
  • Enrollment and instructor data feeds directly into Blackboard
  • University-wide standard process to post grades electronically
  • Advantage for professors/adjuncts who have multiple campus postings
  • Quicker postings to students transcripts will support timely registration for pre- and co-requisite requirements


As with any major transition in technology, there will be bumps along the implementation road.  For that, we ask your patience, cooperation, and understanding.  Although registration for spring 2014 will continue to take place using eSIMS, registration for our summer 2014 and fall 2014 semester will be conducted via the CUNYfirst Campus Solutions system.


What Now?

The first step in this journey will be for all students, faculty and staff to claim a CUNYfirst ID, which will replace your social security number for identification purposes.

Faculty and staff can claim their CUNYfirst accounts right now by visiting It takes less than five minutes, so consider doing it, today!

We are embarking on a new way of doing business at Medgar Evers College, and you are an important part of that change.  Our combined efforts will make CUNYfirst a success.  Look for more details in the weeks ahead.