Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

Check out our latest links – including Caroline Lewis' Gotham Gazette story about a push to restrict solitary confinement.

Check out our latest links – including Caroline Lewis’ Gotham Gazette story about a push to restrict solitary confinement.

Just in time for your holiday weekend viewing, listening and reading pleasure: Check out some of the latest links from our reporters:

•Melanie Bencosme’s interactive map showing the LGBTQ policies of past Winter Olympic host countries made International Business Times.

•Speaking of the Olympics… Nick Forrester got the lowdown on U.S. snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg’s “holy crail” for

Agata Blaszczak-Boxe and Jordan Davidson contributed installments to Gotham Gazette’s look at troubled nursing homes. Caroline Lewis wrote about a push for a law to restrict solitary confinement.

•Jake Naughton’s post about a photographer who chronicled the lives of a Bronx couple and their foster children made The New York Times’ Lens blog.

•Max Willens’ story about the Valentine’s Day spike in webcam porn business made Wired.

•Julius Motal’s piece pegged to the anniversary of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Saigon Execution photo made The Phoblographer.

•Brianna McGurran, on assignment for the Mott Haven Herald, wrote about the feds putting the Bronx’s General Post Office up for sale.

•The latest from The Nabe includes posts by Rebecca Bratek, Emily Field and Daniel Lewis.

•Craig Giammona’s story about New Yorkers who made a financial killing renting their apartments to Super Bowl revelers made Bloomberg.

•Gwynne Hogan, on assignment for Voices of NY, looked at the potential impact of the paid sick leave bill on small businesses in Bushwick. Antonia Massa wrote about an exhibit celebrating the 1970s wave of positive black cartoon characters.

•Susie Armitage found some Putin-inspired tattoos for BuzzFeed.

•The CUNY Sport Report Super Bowl special includes contributions by Natalie Abruzzo, Cherice Chen, Chris Dell, Kiratiana Freelon, Madison Hartman, Kayle Hope, Scott Klocksin,  Caroline Lewis, Daniel Lewis, Jonathan Moffie and Oliver Morrison.

•Tiffany Camhi and Elly Yu worked on Jesse Hardman’s radio documentary for Los Angeles’ KCRW about a preacher’s son-turned-radical-on-the-run.

•Andrew Welsch, in a piece for onwallstreet, wrote about UBS’ reported strong fourth-quarter earnings.

•Sophia Rosenbaum teamed with J-School alum Barry Paddock on this Daily News story about ice falling from the new World Trade Center buildings.

Speaking of our alumni:

•Nathan Frandino’s Reuters video tackles how “The Monuments Men” could boost the search for art stolen by the Nazis during WW II.

•Lisa Mahapatra put together an interactive graphic for International Business Times showing the many (and tweetable) faces of Vladimir Putin.

•Kate Pastor, on assignment for The New York Times, reported on an ill-timed boot shortage.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!