Godin-Ternbach Museum Puts Queens College Professors on Display in Art Faculty Exhibition Beginning February 13

— Twenty Nationally and Internationally Recognized Artists Confront 21st-Century Issues —

FLUSHING, NY, February 6, 2014—Twenty members of Queens College’s Department of Art will have the opportunity to practice what they teach when the Godwin-Ternbach Museum (GTM) opens its next show, Art Faculty, on February 13, 2014. Featuring painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and installation and conceptual art, this group show attests to the range and talents of QC’s studio art professors, who enjoy national and even international acclaim. Their works cover themes that range from the provocative, amusing, and personal to the politically engaged and technically experimental. A fully illustrated interactive catalogue is available online at the museum’s website at http://qcpages.qc.cuny.edu/godwin_ternbach/.

“Reading the artists’ statements included in the exhibition catalogue gave me not only great insight into their ideas and practices, but underscored the changes that have taken place over the last decades of the 20th century,” says GTM director Amy Winter, who curated the exhibition. “Today, art is no longer an object for only aesthetic contemplation, but also an active participant in social and political negotiation, closing the gap between art and life.”

Represented in Art Faculty are Judith Bernstein, Arthur Cohen, Nancy Cohen, Maureen Connor, Susan Spencer Crowe, Christopher Darling, Laura Dodson, Glenn Goldberg, Tony Gonzalez, Matthew F. Greco, Sin-ying Ho, Diane Karol, Jim Lee, Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Nathaniel Lieb, Tommy Mintz, Tyrone Mitchell, Matt Nolen, Debra Priestly, Gregory Sholette, and Suzy Sureck. “The Godwin-Ternbach Museum is proud to present their work and to be a part of the ambitious and provocative projects of these artists and educators,” says Winter.

In one way or another, all concern themselves with current issues, seeking to be agents of change and vital forces for the enrichment of culture and society. Many engage with 21st century challenges involving democracy, the environment, war, peace, and globalization. Others reveal the complexity of contemporary artistic practice by combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Some of the participants make art as a way to examine identity – their own and others’ – directly or indirectly, through the use of multicultural signs and symbols. Still others intentionally mix styles, inventing heterogeneous works that defy convention and offer new models and possibilities.

Individually and collectively, the works reflect the pluralism that characterizes our times, where there is no single dominant mode or method, no dictating hierarchy. Consequently, this show compels the viewer to think outside the boundaries of the norm and question authority and the nature of things. In an institution of higher education, there can be no better paradigm for learning, no better preparation for life, than one that insists on such critical thinking.

An opening reception will be held on Thursday, February 13; from 5:30 to 8 pm. Artist’s Panels will follow on Friday, March 7, at 2:30 pm and Wednesday, March 19, at 5:30 pm. The public is cordially invited.

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