President Addresses Freshman Class of 2018

Freshman Address 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014, Dr. Rudolph Crew, President of Medgar Evers College (MEC), warm-heartedly welcomed the Freshman Class of 2018 in his Spring Presidential Address to the group.  Carlos Soto, a student at MEC majoring in Molecular Biochemistry, provided words of wisdom to the freshman class before introducing Dr. Crew.  His advice to the newcomers is to participate in campus activities and other opportunities because involvement has the potential to open doors and make one competitive in the workplace.

In his speech, Dr. Crew provided the Class of 2018 with three things to consider as Medgar Evers scholars.  He encouraged students to become “academically rich human beings” which includes asking questions when in the classroom and completing assignments for each class.  He urged students to recognize that they are to acquire certain “personal skills” and etiquette skills for “real world” interaction.  He also told students to think about their career paths for the future and work towards that goal.

Jeffery Sigler, Director of MEC’s Freshman Year Program, provided closing remarks to the group.  He noted that it is Dr. Crew’s first year as president of the college, so the Class of 2018 is starting the journey with him.  Sigler also encouraged students to “keep the end in mind” and to keep pushing forward even when other people try to discourage them.

Imani Jackson, a second semester freshman and prospective English major, stated that she looks forward to developing very good communication and networking skills during her time at Medgar.  She learned from the president’s speech that “in order to become a good academic student, you have to clear your mind and realize that you are intelligent.”

Welcome to Medgar Evers College, Class of 2018!


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