Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

(Photos by Skyler Reid)

(Photos by Skyler Reid)

As March gets ready to roar in like a (frozen) lion, check out some hot clips:

•Skyler Reid, working out of South Africa, scored a pair of front-page photos for the Mail & Guardian (see above).

•Pat Gillespie’s report on budgeting disparities between Business Improvement Districts in Manhattan and the rest of the city made Bronx Bureau.

Erin Brodwin, Alex Eidman and Theresa Fisher contributed installments to Gotham Gazette’s series on nursing home problems. Ben Brody wrote about the mayor’s decision to stop making the city Housing Authority pay millions annually to the NYPD. Laura Bult reported on the state’s plans to examine regulating Bitcoin.

•Zainab Akande, Jaclyn Anglis, Leila Falls, Emma Hernandez and Chinwe Oniah teamed on a Fashion Week package for our News Service.

•Alessandra Malito, working for, wrote about a man who kicked his way out of a body bag after being pronounced dead.

•Oresti Tsonopoulos’ photos graced a Narratively profile of a subway conductor with a gift for words.

•Qingqing Chen, working for the Mott Haven Herald, reported on how the homeless are braving the punishing winter. Emilie Pons wrote about a photo exhibit spotlighting the plight of girls forced to marry much older men in countries around the world.

•Shannon Ayala’s Curbed story focuses on concerns about new skyscrapers casting shadows on Central Park.

•Antonia Massa, on assignment for Voices of NY, wrote about a graffiti-themed art exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. Oliver Morrison reported on a program in which students use personal electronic devices as part of their schooling. Alex Wolf interviewed local Ukrainians amid the turmoil in their homeland.

•Melisa Stumpf’s picture of “Vision Zero” plan supporters gathered at City Hall made the Home Reporter.

•The latest from The Nabe includes contributions by Rebecca Bratek, Emily Field and Danny Lewis.

A few nuggets from our Alumni Corner:

•Lakshmi Gandhi wrote about the legacy of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson for The Toast.

•Hannah Rappleye and Lisa Riordan Seville teamed on this NBC News investigation into how high-tech tools are being used in deporting immigrants.

•Almudena Toral’s New York Times video about the impact of the Spanish banking scandal won First Place in the News Multimedia category in the Pictures of the Year International awards competition. Nathan Fitch, who came from Hunter College to take the J-School’s Video Storytelling class, won second place for a piece on Hurricane Sandy that he created in class and later sold to

•Tanzina Vega’s report on colleges grappling with racial tensions made the front page of The New York Times.

•Ashley Welch’s Everyday Health story about hashtags that glorify eating disorders got picked up by Yahoo.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!