City Tech Hospitality Management Students Help Stage Taste of the NFL Event

#1 TNFLMore than 90 students from City Tech’s hospitality management program volunteered to assist many of the nation’s top chefs at the 2014 Taste of the NFL held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on February 1. Hospitality Management Professor Joanne Jacus organized and coordinated the students’ participation in order to assure that each chef had qualified assistance at the event.

Since 1992, each NFL team city has sponsored a food station at the annual foodfest highlighting the cuisine of that city – from New Orleans Creole and San Francisco seafood to sides of beef from Texas. The event was established to help eliminate hunger in each of the NFL cities, with an emphasis on food banks located in a given year’s Super Bowl host city. Taste of the NFL has raised more than $14 million over the years and provided support for food banks that help feed 37 million Americans.

“In view of the important supportive role that so many City Tech culinary and pastry arts students played in the 2014 Taste of the NFL event,” says Hospitality Management Professor Mark Hellermann, “the department was invited to host its own food station. With the help of numerous students and Chair Elizabeth Schaible, we were able to offer visitors a unique dish – Cayuga Corn Cakes with Maple Crème Fraiche and Micro-Greens – featuring food products from New York State.

“We all had fun sourcing the ingredients throughout New York State,” Professor Hellermann added, “including cornmeal from Cayuga Pure Organics in the Finger Lakes region, fresh frozen corn kernels and sour cream from Hudson Valley Organics, crème fraiche donated by Ronniebrook Farms, maple syrup from Wood Homestead Maple Syrup in Stamford, pumpkin seeds from Partyka Farms in Kendall, and micro-greens from Koppert Cress on Long Island.

“Every phase of their preparation for and participation in Taste of the NFL,” Hellermann concluded, “greatly contributed to the students’ learning experience. They worked alongside some of the nation’s most accomplished chefs and also helped make an enormous contribution to helping feed countless individuals and families who are undernourished. They were very proud to be a part of such a worthwhile effort.”

Students in the program’s Introduction to Food and Beverage Management course taught by Assistant Professor Claire Stewart were treated to a talk on careers in the hospitality industry by one of the participating chefs in the 2014 Taste of the NFL event. The guest speaker, Allen Susser, who represented Miami, is a City Tech graduate and former owner of Chef Allen’s Restaurant, which recently closed after 25 years so that Susser could focus on restaurant development, consulting, teaching and other culinary ventures.