London and Paris in the Spring is Goal for City Tech Design Students

Louisa Garcia, an Advertising Design & Graphic Arts (ADGA) major, president of the Art Director’s Club, and editor of Command + J, City Tech’s design magazine, can now add another skill set to her repertoire: fundraiser.

Since September, 2013, Garcia and 12 other ADGA students, with the guidance of Christina Cross (Student Life), and Professors Louisa McCabe and Douglas Davis, have been raising money for a trip to London and Paris during spring break to meet with industry professionals at award-winning design studios and, of course, to tour the major art museums.

New passports are in hand and meetings are confirmed, but travel arrangements are in a holding pattern. With $18,500 raised out of the needed $25,000, Louisa and her team still need to raise $6,500. They have 25 days left to meet their goal.

While students with more resources might expect a junior year abroad or have already experienced international travel with family, the majority of City Tech students must often fend for themselves.

“Most of us have to hold down jobs while attending college because solely concentrating on college is a luxury we literally cannot afford. Very few of us have been outside of the New York City area and even fewer outside the country,” Garcia explained. “We’re now looking to venture across the Atlantic. Paris is the city of love, but for us, it’s the city of art!”

Professor McCabe, who has been helping club members raise money and arrange visits to studios and agencies in London and Paris says: “Designers need to know about the world, history, art history, contemporary design, and the touchstones and signifiers of the language of art and design. Some of our students have rarely, if ever, stepped out of New York. Paris and London are great places to start seeing the rest of the world.”

In addition to raising money through weekly bake sales on campus, Garcia and her team posted a video they created on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo (, which generated approximately $3,000 toward trip expenses. The City Tech Foundation, the Student Government Association, the Graphic Communications Association, and City Tech faculty have all made tax-deductible contributions managed by the City Tech Foundation.

Join the City Tech students on their adventures in London and Paris through their “digital diary” on City Tech’s Facebook page at

Currently Garcia and her team are selling raffle tickets for a $150 Amazon gift card to be raffled off on April 3rd. For more details:
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