Prof. Rick Rossein on Employing Certain Religious Groups

Some members of the Jewish religious community believe that studying the Talmud helps develop critical thinking skills and helps with professional jobs, especially those that require data analysis.

Professor Rick Rossein was recently interviewed by Jewish News One about his views on this issue.

He said:

“I would certainly advise against that. Because once again, any stereotype, first of all, it may not be true. Second of all, within that group, it’s going to vary greatly with respect to any particular individual and what you’re actually doing by using that process is pushing other people away.”

Watch the full video here 

Prof. Rossein

Prof. Rossein

Prof. Rossein teaches the Equality Concentration and courses on employment discrimination, employment law, and trial practice. His extensive background in civil rights and employment law includes work at the National Employment Law Project, Queens Legal Services, New York City Bureau of Labor Services, and New York City Commission on Human Rights. He drafted an affirmative action plan for the City of New York and was appointed by Mayor David N. Dinkins to a four-year term as Commissioner of the City of New York Equal Employment Practices Commission and by Governor Mario Cuomo to serve on his Task Force on Sexual Harassment. He was appointed the Independent EEO Compliance Consultant pursuant to the federal court Remedial Order in the case of U.S. v. City of New York, after the court found racial discrimination against the New York City Fire Department.