Paula Z. Segal (’11) Interviewed on BrianLehrer.TV about Community Land Access

Paula Z. Segal (’11) was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Brian Lehrer’s TV show. Segal is the founder and executive director of 596 Acres, an organization that builds online tools neighbors can use to clear hurdles to community land access.

Watch the interview

The story about Segal’s organization starts at 20:16.

Paula Z. Segal ('11)

Paula Z. Segal (’11)

Segal focuses her work on building capacity and providing technical assistance for local community-based organizing. She serves as the legal director of the NYC Community Land Access Program. She writes about the law and geography as structures that shape life in the city (including about 596 Acres, specifically).  She is a founding member of the NYC National Lawyers Guild Street Law Team. Segal is also partner in her own firm, Mohen & Segal, which focuses on legal services for entities working on shared sustainable economy. She has practiced in the Disaster Recovery Unit at Staten Island Legal Services and at Rankin & Taylor.

While at CUNY Law, she was a Haywood Burns Fellow in Human and Civil Rights and worked in the Economic Justice Project.