Prof. Kirchmeier Reviews Book about Death Penalty

Professor Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier, an expert on the death penalty reviewed Robert Blecker’s new book, “The Death of Punishment: Searching for Justice Among the Worst of the Worst” for the New York Law Journal.

Blecker is an advocate of retributive justice, including the death penalty. Professor Kirchmeier disagrees with many of the author’s conclusions, but maintains that the book compels readers, who are for and against capital punishment to reconsider the role that retribution should play in the justice system.

Professor Kirchmeier writes:

“In a book about moral certainty, a reader may find most interesting the author’s uncertain personal journey to test his beliefs. Whether or not one agrees with Blecker’s positions, “The Death of Punishment” is a fascinating trip into our criminal justice system with insight into the punitive and retributive nature of human beings.”

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Professor Kirchmeier is the author of numerous law review articles about criminal procedure, constitutional law, and the death penalty. He remains active in death penalty work, and is a member (and former Chair) of the Capital Punishment Committee of the New York City Bar Association. He appeared before a New York Assembly joint committee deciding whether the death penalty should be reinstated in New York.