Hospitality Management Professor Advises Newlyweds on Best Summer Domestic Honeymoon Destinations

Lynda DiasHospitality Management Professor Lynda Dias was one of a number of professionals recently quoted in a study on the 100 best summer domestic honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. The study was based on 13 key metrics which collectively speak to the affordability, weather conditions, romanticism and activities that each location brings to the table. To view the full report, visit

“Briefly,” said Dias, “honeymooners should consider using travel agents, who typically are excellent at getting upgrades and really can negotiate honeymoon packages! They are the experts!!!

“For those booking on their own, consider several destinations for their budget and price the entire package out first. Use Orbitz or Kayak (similar online booking engines will offer promo codes or points).

“Often hotels will partner with the airlines and will include transfers,” Dias went on to say, “honeymoons become expensive when the budget does not include food, activities, taxes, etc. Be flexible in their travel dates and check out the events and ‘seasons’ in their destination, which will affect the price considerably.

“Most important, let hotels know you are celebrating your honeymoon; we love to celebrate momentous occasions with our guests. Hotels will often upgrade and send additional amenities.”

Lynda Dias has more than 20 years hospitality management experience, including serving in senior executive management positions in luxury hotels and providing consulting services to several internationally recognized lodging brands. Professor Dias teaches Perspectives in Hospitality Management, Professional Alliances, Executive Housekeeping Principles, and Hospitality Management Internship. She is the Scholarship Chair, Faculty Advisor to the Spoons Across America Club and a member of the Professional Development Advisory Council. She serves on the James Beard Foundation’s Scholarship National Selection Committee and on the Board of Trustees for Spoons Across America.