Class of 2014 Profiles: Thinking Outside the Box

Sudip Ulak’s life so far has taken him from the Himalayan mountains of his native Nepal to the concrete and steel canyons of Manhattan, where he will graduate this month with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. ulakNow the relentlessly curious international student is ready to move on to one of the four doctoral programs in computer science to which he has been accepted: Florida International University, University at Albany, University of Central Florida and West Virginia University.

“I used to be amazed that such a small box like a radio can produce different type of voices,” Ulak recalled. “This curious nature of mine led me to actually open up electronic devices to see how they work. This curiosity grew in me, and I began to work with computers, and taught myself QBasic programming language.”

The recipient of multiple scholarships and awards as an undergraduate in the Honors Program, Ulak supplemented his academic and research endeavors with service work. He worked as a teaching assistant for the First Year Experience to prepare students for the CUNY math placement test, and with the Upward Bound program as a math and science tutor. He is currently a peer tutor with the Math & Science Resource Center.

Ulak’s interest in all things high-tech was stimulated by his work on a project with Professor Hunter Johnson in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. “John Jay has been an integral part of my life. The diversity has been so vital for learning, learning that made me a better and knowledgeable person.”