Graduate Student Malgorzata Sekowska Finds Her Place Working with Victims of Trafficking

Malgorzata Sekowska photo (2)Malgorzata Sekowska, who graduated in May with a Master’s in International Crime and Justice, has recently completed an internship at the NYS Human Trafficking Program in the Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance within the Office of Temporary Disability and Assistance.  An article published in the Polish newspaper Nowy Dziennik featured an interview with Sekowska discussing the definition and types of humans trafficking as well as coercion elements, the new human trafficking intervention courts and the victim-centered approach.

The newspaper is “The New Daily,” Polish Daily News. It is the largest Polish-language daily newspaper in the United States, published in New York City since 1971. The title of the interview is: “Modern Slavery–The Problem of Our Times.” The full article in Polish can be read here.

Sekowska came to the United States from her home city of Lodz, Poland two weeks before 9/11 in the spirit of exploration and discovery. “The experience of coming to the U.S. was very rich. I love exploring cultures, different peoples, and traditions. Here in New York City you will meet all those people, representatives from all nations. It’s enriching…this opening oneself up to the world. I have been influenced by so many people along the way,” said Sekowska.

“The Master’s was very interesting because I have always been a feminist, I have always fought for equality, so I have always been drawn to women’s and immigrants’ rights. My family has always served people. My father is a gynecologist and oncologist and has always worked with women, he traveled with my mother to South Africa for five years and was working with female patients, many of them HIV positive. I know I want to work and promote equal rights for women.”

The Master of Arts in International Crime and Justice  reflects the College’s commitment to the internationalization of criminal justice education and builds on the strengths of our undergraduate degree in international criminal justice by opening the possibility of graduate education in this field.  This is the first program of this nature in the United States.  The MA in International Crime and Justice combines advanced substantive knowledge of international crime challenges and domestic and international responses, with analytic and research techniques in an interdisciplinary framework.