A New ‘Focus’ for The Nabe

A New ‘Focus’ for The Nabe


The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism has turned over The Nabe, a site dedicated to covering Brooklyn’s vibrant Fort Greene and Clinton Hill neighborhoods, to Corner News Media.

The Nabe, which had its origins in The Local, a hyperlocal journalism experiment started in 2009 by The New York Times, will be rechristened Fort Greene Focus by Corner News Media, which runs a growing number of local news sites in Brooklyn.

The CUNY J-School will work closely with Corner News Media during a summer-long transition period. The J-School hopes to contribute beyond this transition by feeding stories to Corner News Media via its award-winning NYCity News Service.

Fort Greene and Clinton Hill – and the field of hyperlocal journalism – have evolved since The New York Times unveiled The Local on a snowy day in March 2009. Nearly a year later, the CUNY J-School took over day-to-day operations of the site, working in consultation with Times editors. In May 2013, The Local ended and The Nabe began.

From the start, The Times and the CUNY J-School shared a vision to serve Fort Greene and Clinton Hill in a rapidly changing media world by reporting as journalists have for decades, while engaging the community in new ways.

That commitment to journalistic integrity will remain with the team at Corner News Media, a small independent company whose full-time staff already runs Ditmas Park Corner, Kensington BK, Park Slope Stoop and South Slope News.