Kingsborough Community College Announces 2015-2016 President’s Faculty Innovation Awardees

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) this week announced the recipients of the 2015-2016 President’s Faculty Innovation Awards. KCC President Herzek awarded full or partial funding— up to $25K collectively, for proposals submitted by 17 faculty and staff members. A total of 14 proposals were submitted, and each submission was creative in its own way, and demonstrated the culture of innovation and engagement at Kingsborough.

The Faculty Awards Committee included Committee Chair Michael Miranda (Behavioral Sciences & Human Services); Kevicha Echols (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation); Ex-Officio Reza Fakhari, (Academic Affairs); Jacob L. Mey (Physical Sciences); Maureen Minielli (Communications and Performing Arts); Lisa Paler (Behavioral Sciences & Human Services); Caterina Y. Pierre (Art); Anna Rozenboym (Biological Sciences); and Edgar Troudt (Tourism and Hospitality).

 2015-2016 President’s Faculty Innovation Award Recipients

KCC Food Environment Project

Babette Audant, Culinary Arts

Jennifer Mitchell, Department of Behavioral Sciences

Mark D’Alessandro, Culinary Arts

Mara Gittleman, KCC Urban Farm

Developing a New Pathways Course: Green & Environmental Chemistry

Homar Barcena, Department of Physical Sciences

What Makes a Good Tomato? Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Lab Development with KCC Urban Farm

Shoshana Bobker, Department of Physical Sciences

Patrick Lloyd, Department of Physical Sciences

Mara Gittleman, Farm Education Manager, KCC Urban Farm

Visual Collaboration in a Laboratory Setting: Bringing Together Students from Scenic, Lighting, and Sound Classes for a Realized Theatrical Design Project

Scott Cally, Department of Communications and Performing Arts

Paul Winnick, Department of Communications and Performing Arts 

Creation of a Kingsborough Community College Student Team, the “No-mmonia Bay Defenders”, for the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM)

Devin Camenares, Department of Biological Sciences

Write this F-Wave: Merging the Feminist Currents and Strengthening Women’s and Gender Studies Pedagogies and Communities on Campus and Beyond

Aparajita De, Department of English

Amy Washburn, Department of English

Empowering Students and Inspiring a Social Justice Ethos through Civic Education and Civic Engagement

Maureen E. Fadem, Department of English

Mollusk Mania: Oyster Mariculture at KCC

Thomas Greene, Department of Physical Sciences

Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College, CUNY, Faculty Collaborative Research for Developing a novel technique for induced spawning of the American eel, Anguilla rostrata, and raising leptocephali in vitro

Sarwar Jahangir, Department of Biology

It’s Not Simply a Math Problem

Stuart Parker, Department of Behavioral Sciences

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