Kingsborough Community College Students Participate in Rescue Training Mission with U.S. Coast Guard

Kingsborough students train with U.S. Coast Guard

Kingsborough students train with U.S. Coast Guard

Students in Kingsborough’s Maritime Technology program participated in a simulated rescue training mission and drill today with the U.S. Coast Guard off the waters of Manhattan Beach. They learned how to perform a rescue operation in real time while the Coast Guard worked to “rescue” the swimmer in distress. They employed the proper safety and rescue procedures and tools including the hoist, signal flares, piloting the boat, and maintaining radio contact with the chopper and divers.

About the Maritime Technology Program

The Maritime Technology Program at Kingsborough Community College is one of the largest two year programs in the nation. Emphasizing safety, this innovative program combines both deck and engine training to prepare graduates with the skills necessary to crew the vessels in the expanding near-shore marine industry. Kingsborough alumni can be found aboard most vessels and shore-side facilities in and around New York Harbor.

About Kingsborough Community College  

Kingsborough Community College serves approximately 14,000 full- and part-time students a year in credit and non-credit bearing courses in liberal arts and career education. As one of the City University of New York’s seven community colleges, Kingsborough provides a high-quality education through associate degree programs that prepare students for transfer to senior colleges or entry into professional careers, and is dedicated to promoting student learning and development as well as strengthening and serving its diverse community.


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