Guttman Begins Academic Year with Fall 2015 Convocation

On September 4, Guttman Community College welcomed its fourth incoming class of 450 students during an afternoon Convocation. September 4 was also a day of celebration as the 10-day Summer Bridge Program, a required introductory session for incoming students, concluded.

Convocation began with an introduction and welcome from President Scott E. Evenbeck, who congratulated the 2015 entering cohort for completing their first College milestone by successfully finishing Summer Bridge. He noted their stories will become part of Guttman’s stories. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Joan M. Lucariello also welcomedSeptember 4, 2015; Guttman Community College Convocation. the new class; Charles H. Pryor, Dean of Student Engagement, served as Master of Ceremony. Student Government Association President Guadalupe Muller greeted the students on behalf of the SGA.

Lori Ungemah, Assistant Professor, English, gave the keynote address. Professor Ungemah offered students advice on how to be successful in college: 1) Learn how to study; 2) Try new things; 3) Figure out time management.

Dean Pryor lead the pinning ceremony, where students helped one other with their pins, symbolizing they are officially Guttman students (“This means I am Guttman, and Guttman is me.”). The pinning ceremony was followed by the house recognition from the Student Success Advocates. The event concluded with the original poem “Paradoxical City” written and read by continuing student Maria Flores, who observed New York is a city with problems and difficulties but also of hope and beauty. The Zach Lapidus Trio provided jazz accompaniment throughout the Convocation event.

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