CUNY Law Hosts 20th Annual CUNY Moot Court Summer Competition

CUNY Law hosted the oral arguments of its 20th Annual Moot Court Summer Competition earlier this fall for our second- and third-year students. Second-year students Emma Shreefter and Elana Gold won the final round of arguments.

This annual moot court program allows interested CUNY Law students to improve their advocacy skills. Students receive a case record and write an appellate brief based on their research. Each team submits its brief in the summer. In the fall, student teams argue against one another in two rounds, before a panel of judges.


The final round judges with the top two teams: David Gray (’17), John Jay Prof. Evan Mandery, Gregory Herrera (’17), Hon. Jenny Rivera, Hon. Sharon Aarons (’89), Prof. Babe Howell, Emma Shreefter (’17), Elana Gold (’17)

Students who meet a qualifying score are invited to become members of CUNY Moot Court. The summer competition is organized and run by all current Moot Court members. First-year students serve as bailiffs and timekeepers. Brief and oral argument judges include alumni, faculty, attorneys, and currently sitting judges.

This year’s Moot Court competitors presented their final round arguments before Justice Sharon Aarons (’89) of the N.Y. State Supreme Court, N.Y. Court of Appeals Judge Jenny Rivera, Evan Mandery, professor of criminal justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and CUNY Law professor Babe Howell. The judges awarded the Best Oral Argument Award to Gregory Herrera and Emma Shreefter of the Class of 2017.

Gregory Herrera ('17)

Gregory Herrera (’17) presenting his case before the judges

The full list of winners include:

Top Teams:
1st: Emma Shreefter and Elana Gold
2nd Gregory Herrera and David Gray (class of 2017)
3rd: Ryan MacDonald and Samantha Turetsky (class of 2017)
4th: Connor Mealey and Sara Choe (class of 2017)
5th: Aleka Asamoah and Deema Azizi (class of 2016)

Best Brief Awards:
1st: Connor Mealey and Sara Choe
2nd: Gregory Herrera and David Gray (class of 2017)
3rd: Gregory Tolbert (’17)

Best Oral Argument Award for the Preliminary Rounds
1st: Elana Gold (’17)
2nd: Whitney McCann (’17)
3rd: Connor Mealey (’17)


Best Brief Awards: Connor Mealey and Sara Choe (Class of 2017)

Congratulations to all of the CUNY Law students who successfully completed the competition and qualified to become the newest members of CUNY Moot Court:

Third-year students (Class of 2016): Aleka Asamoah, Nathaniel Broughty, Steffi Romano, Deema Azizi

Second-year students (Class of 2017): Serena Andrus, Sara Choe, Emily Davis Oswald Feliz, Gregory Fries, Elana Gold, Jacob Goldstein, David Gray, Gregory Herrera, Nora Hirozawa, Robert Jereski, Maya Leszczynski, Liam Lowery, Stephanie Lugaro, Ryan MacDonald, Whitney McCann, Connor Mealey, Dasia Monge, Carlos Mulles, Sahiba Nanda, Rose Nissen, David O’Boyle, David Ourlicht, Caitlin Petruccio, Emma Shreefter, Richard Swatek, Gregory Tolbert, Samantha Turetsky, Cassie Veach, and Jessica Woodrow-Hogan.