CUNY Collective Bargaining Offer Totals 6% Wage Increase For Faculty and Staff

The dedicated faculty and staff of The City University of New York are key to preparing an educated citizenry and workforce for the City and State of New York and it is important that we reach agreement on a contract long out of date.

CUNY is offering a six-year contract to members of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), which represents the faculty and non-teaching instructional staff, covering the period from Oct. 20, 2010 to Oct. 19, 2016, with raises and important non-economic benefits.

This offer follows twenty bargaining sessions, numerous smaller committee meetings and ongoing discussions with State and City officials.

The offer reflects CUNY’s current fiscal condition and its ability to fund a new contract for its faculty and staff.

The wage increases total 6% as follows:  1% on April 20, 2014; 1% on April 20, 2015; 3% on April 20, 2016; and an additional 1% on Oct. 19, 2016.

Since the expiration of the last contract, salary step increments were maintained at a total value of $45 million, equating to approximately 3%, and a historic agreement was reached on adjunct health insurance.

The University looks forward to a successful resolution of contract negotiations and implementation of much-deserved increases for faculty and staff.