Fighting Wrongful Convictions

York College to host wrongful conviction panel with former wrongfully incarcerated man

 You may have read it in the newspapers or you may have seen the hour-long expose on Dateline NBC with Lester Holt on October 22, now come and meet Johnny Hincapie, the subject of the stories, on a panel at York College, “Fighting Wrongful Convictions: Journalists, Police the Justice System.”

Sponsored by the York College Journalism Enrichment Seminar Series, the event will address the issue of wrongful convictions; and will feature Mr. Hincapie who spent 25 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

Hincapie, a teenager at the time, was on his way to a party when a 22 year-old Utah tourist was stabbed to death on the subway platform by one of Hincapie’s friends. Eighteen year-old Hincapie was later arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for alleged involvement. After two and a half decades in jail, he recently won a new trial due in large part to the investigation of the case by York College Professor Bill Hughes, a journalist, who persuaded others to take a second look with him.

Where: Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 10, noon to 2:00 pm