Statement of CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken

As state budget negotiations reach the final stages, there are three critical issues for CUNY:

First, the Governor has provided assurances that there will be no reductions to CUNY’s budget and we are grateful for that commitment.

Second, with record enrollment, CUNY needs additional funding as recognized by the Governor when he proposed an extension of the predictable tuition policy to allow for modest annual increases. Both the State Senate and Assembly oppose tuition increases at this time, and the Assembly has provided funding needed in lieu of a tuition hike. We urge that the Assembly position be adopted.

Third, and most critical, funding is needed to settle long overdue contracts with faculty and staff. The proposed funding of $240 million—which was in the Executive budget and included in both one house bills—recognizes this need. CUNY is seeking a total investment of $330 million to reach a fair agreement.