CUNY Awards Science and Engineering Scholarships To 20 NYC High School Students

Twenty New York City high school students – representing bright and promising future scientists and engineers – have been awarded prestigious scholarships to The City University of New York. These scholarships, ranging up to $16,000, are in recognition of the students’ achievements at the 2016 NYC Science & Engineering Fair, where they offered research presentations on kidney disease, lupus and, among other topics, autism.

The scholarships are offered by The City College of New York, Hunter College and Queens College. The scholarship winners are among 550 students who completed in the science and engineering fair, which is sponsored by CUNY and the Department of Education.

As part of the University’s long-term commitment to STEM curriculum, CUNY faculty and staff volunteered as contest judges and served as mentors to some student researchers who entered the NYCSEF. Four high school students who worked directly with CUNY faculty and one student who won a $16,000 scholarship to Hunter College will join a dozen other New York high school students and compete against 1,400 other students from around the world at the International Fair in Phoenix, Arizona in May.

More students are choosing CUNY for opportunities to study in engineering, biomedical research and other areas of science in part for the quality academic programs, innovative curriculum and the unbeatable combination of academic excellence, affordability and the opportunity to study in the city which is one of the leading science centers of the world.  Eighty percent of them graduate from CUNY with no debt.  More details are available at

Scholarship winners, as well as those who were mentored by CUNY faculty, are listed below. A complete list of 2016 NYCSEF award winners can be found on the NYCSEF website at





Victor Anosike          Senior at High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering @ CCNY

Project: The Effect of Syndecan and Versican Expression on the Glomerular Filtration Barrier


Yalow Scholar ($16,000)


Billal Alamarie          Senior, Townsend Harris High School

Project: Effect of Religiosity on Social Perception


Olga Pinkhasov         Senior, Staten Island Technical High School

Project: Species Boundaries of Malagasy Snakes of the Genus: Madagascarophis colubrinus


Yi Chen                      Senior, Bronx High School of Science

Project: IL-2 as a Therapeutic Target for Treatment of Autoimmune Alopecia Areata


Athena Scholar ($16,000)


Jesal Parmar             Senior, Townsend Harris High School

Project: The Effect of Different Temperatures and Strain Rates on the Effective Stresses Produced in Deep-Crustal Rocks


Tehani Gunaratna    Senior, Bronx High School of Science

Project: An Uncivil War: Mental Health Treatment Seeking in Post Civil War Sri Lanka


Sage Scholar ($16,000)


Ching Pang                Senior, Saint Francis Preparatory School

Project: The Effectiveness of Different Sizes and Duration of Training of Sound-Meaning Mapping on Adolescents


William Xie                Senior, Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College

Project: Resiliency of Proton Transport inNafion 117 after Exposure to Select Solvents


Stephen Mai               Senior, Townsend Harris High School

Project: Comparative Study on the Effect of Sorption of a Common Organic Pollutant using Alpha Cyclodextrin Modified Zeolities


Roosevelt Scholar ($16,000)


Munawar Rahman    Senior, Stuyvesant High School

Project: Jails by Java: Simulating Racial Disparities in Incarceration Rates and Subsequent Solutions with Object-Oriented Statistical Programming


Jenny Hunter Scholar ($4,000) 


Kieran Bissessar        Senior at Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College

Project: A new perspective on the lupus malady.


Nga Ying Lo               Senior at Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College

Project: Development of an Efficient Synthesis of Aryl Trifluoromethylated Compounds and the Purification of Products Produced from Reactions with Vinylketene Complexes


Farzana Begum         Senior, Queens High School for Sciences @ York College

Project: Two Phase Catalytic Cyanation Reaction of Aryl Halides in an Ionic Liquid Solution


Alara Arpaci              Senior, Staten Island Technical High School

Project: The Analysis of the Communities within the Comments of National Autism YouTube Videos and the Digital Bubble


Syeda Hassan             Senior, Townsend Harris High School

Project: The effect of the location of the SMA-3 protein on the innate immunity of C.elegans when tested against Serratia marcescens.



Scholarship for Mathematics and Science ($12,000)


Alden Liang                Senior, High School for Health Professions & Human Services

Project: Detection of Diverse Aquatic Vertebrates Using Environmental DNA (eDNA)


Zakia Hossain             Senior, John Bowne High School

Project: A Guide to the Embryonic Development of the Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus)


Gertrude Dabo           Senior, John Bowne High School

Project Title: Drought Identification, Impact Assesment and Management Using Cloud Seeding for California


Michelle Lin and Hillary Pham     Senior, John Bowne High School

Project: One Pot Indenone Dimerization





Tatheer Adnan           Senior, Staten Island Technical High School

Mentor: Dr. Sumit Mukherjee, the College of Staten Island

Project: The Use of Curcumin in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer


Urooj Ansari               Senior, Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College

Mentor: Dr. Nicolas Biais, Brooklyn College

Project: Physical and Chemical Warfare between Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguinis


Raja Azhar                  Senior, Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College

Mentor: Dr. Karl Sandeman, Brooklyn College

Project: Comparison of work output from first order and second order magnets during magnetic heat transitions


Nancy Lu                     Junior, Hunter College High School

Mentor: Dr. Mang Mang, College of Staten Island

Project: Engineering of Polysaccharide-Based Nanoparticles for Theranostic Applications
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