Statement from Chancellor James B. Milliken on Governor Cuomo’s Nominations to the CUNY Board of Trustees

I commend Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on his nominations of two outstanding and distinguished New Yorkers to the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York.

William Thompson, who has been designated to serve as Board Chairperson, is widely known for his longstanding and exemplary commitment to public education as the gateway of opportunity so essential to the vitality of our State and City.  His extensive public and private sector leadership will serve the University well.

Fernando Ferrer, a prominent alumnus of Baruch College, will bring to the Board his many years of dedicated public service and strong support for education at all levels.

I join Governor Cuomo in lauding CUNY Board of Trustees longtime Chairperson, Benno Schmidt.  He deserves our greatest admiration and appreciation for his remarkable tenure of 16 years,  including 13 as the Board’s leader.   As the chief author of the early efforts to reform CUNY, culminating in the document known as “An Institution Adrift,” Benno will leave a remarkable legacy of reform, innovation, and transformation,  and a fidelity to academic quality and opportunity for all students. He has not only changed the direction of the University but also the lives of many hundreds of thousands who have  succeeded in what is now known,  in the words of the late pioneer of technology, Andrew Grove,  an immigrant and City College graduate, “the great American dream machine.”

We look forward to an appropriate opportunity to recognize all he has accomplished on behalf of the people of New York.