World Science Festival and Con Edison Bring Scientific Exploration to Each of New York City’s Five Boroughs with City of Science, Beginning May 7 at Lehman College

BRONX, NY—The World Science Festival and Con Edison are pleased to announce City of Science, a buzzing mini-metropolis of free interactive exhibits and demonstrations that will travel to each of New York City’s five boroughs, engaging New Yorkers of all ages in the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math. Produced by the Festival and presented by Con Edison, the daylong City of Science expos feature mind-expanding demonstrations and hands-on activities. Like the highly successful first World Science Festival Brisbane (March 9-13), City of Science represents the Festival growing in its mission to bring science to a broad general audience. Lehman College hosts the first event in the series, Saturday, May 7, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., at the APEX (250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Gate 7, in the Bronx).

world_sci_fest[1]Among the City of Science offerings are a giant pendulum wave that barely fits in a gymnasium; a seismic accelerator that uses gravity and elasticity to launch small objects; non-Newtonian fluids that let you walk on water; a giant, toppling seven-foot domino; a spacetime simulator that uses marbles to explore general relativity; and mind-bending competitions, challenges, and puzzles.

Tracy Day, Co-Founder and CEO of the World Science Festival, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Con Edison to bring our new City of Science experience to each of New York’s five boroughs. How wonderful for kids to get fired up about science through a day of hands-on play.”

“We’re excited to be the founding partner of City of Science. We hope many young New Yorkers will enjoy engaging in the creative and interactive projects that showcase the importance of science,” said Frances A. Resheske, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Con Edison.

After the Bronx City of Science event May 7 at Lehman College, the series continues June 5 in Manhattan with the World Science Festival’s annual Street Science event, which transforms Washington Square Park into an outdoor lab highlighting the fascinating ways that science shapes our lives. Subsequent dates and locations for Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn will be announced soon.

The World Science Festival presents its annual flagship New York Festival June 1-5 in indoor and outdoor locations across New York City. Each year, with more than 50 original programs that are by turns intellectually stimulating, entertaining and enlightening, the Festival brings the City into direct contact with many of the world’s leading scientists, thinkers, and artists. The World Science Festival will announce programming highlights for the 2016 New York Festival later in April.

The World Science Festival Brisbane (March 9-13) proved the global appeal of the Festival’s approach to the celebration and exploration of science. Presented with the Festival’s Australian partner, the Queensland Museum, the World Science Festival Brisbane included more than 100 events and activities, including performances, outdoor installations, interactive demonstrations, talks, debates, and more, and drew more than 120,000 visitors ranging from science experts to children.