Alumina Energy, LLC and The City University of New York (CUNY) are pleased to announce that Alumina Energy is the exclusive licensee for The Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage (PB-TES) technology developed by the late CUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Reuel Shinnar


Alumina Energy and The City University of New York have finalized an agreement between the two parties that names Alumina Energy as the exclusive licensee for the groundbreaking packed bed thermal energy storage technology (PB-TES) developed by the late Distinguished Professor Dr. Reuel Shinnar, and his co-inventors, Dr. Hitesh Bindra and Dr. Pablo Bueno.


PB-TES was developed at CUNY under a $1.9M Department of Energy SunShot grant between 2008 and 2012. There is a full IP portfolio supporting the technology, including several granted patents and pending patent applications. The lead inventor, Dr. Reuel Shinnar, was a CUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at the City College of New York and authored or co-authored over 30 patents, several of which are in large scale use in the oil and gas industry. His co-inventors and supporting professors for the PB-TES are Dr. Hitesh Bindra, Dr. Pablo Bueno, Dr. Ryan Anderson and Dr. Jeffrey Morris, Director of the CUNY Levich Institute and former Chair of the CCNY Chemical Engineering Department. All four have agreed to support the commercialization efforts of Alumina Energy going forward.


About The Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage Technology (PB-TES):

PB-TES stores thermal energy using a sensible heat energy storage method utilizing low-cost alumina ceramic materials as the storage media and specially designed, packed bed storage tanks. Heated Heat Transfer Fluid’s (HTF’s) (gases or steam) are deposited into PB-TES units using an optimized flow method to efficiently deposit thermal energy with +95% round trip energy and exergy efficiencies. A cost of $17/kWh with ~10kWh(th)-ft³ storage density has been demonstrated and validated. This was achieved using high temperature Air HTF at 565oC.


The PB-TES system is modular and scalable from 100’s of KWs to 1,000’s of MWs; it is constructed from off-the-shelf materials and can be easily transported on a flat bed truck and assembled on site. It is operational over a wide temperature range, from 25⁰C to 1,000⁰C, with lower cost than any other storage system in construction cost, footprint and cost of useful energy produced.


The Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage with a solar thermal system can enable 24/7 solar energy production, provide a solution to solar intermittency, reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and increase system efficiency.


With conventional thermal power generation, PB-TES can de-couple heat production from electricity production, time shift thermal energy, maintain the heat rate requirements, provide enhanced load following capability, expand system capacity, reduce start up times and increase ramp rate capability.


About Alumina Energy:

Founded in 2015, Alumina Energy, LLC is developing innovative thermal energy storage products for the power generation and industrial process and manufacturing markets. The company’s mission is to introduce effective and competitive product portfolio for thermal energy storage solutions to facilitate the ongoing market shift towards renewable energy sources and help our conventional fuel based systems become more efficient, reliable, and cost effective, leading to a more sustainable future for generations to come.


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