Japanese Painter Atsuko Mu Yuma Inspires Mystery of Life and Force of Love in the Exhibit Ancient Road, Now on Display at the QCC Art Gallery

Great waves, swirling rivers, pink suns and firebirds are a few examples of the vibrant, multi-colored images that Japanese artist Atsuko Mu Yuma applies to her works. Yuma’s creation of these images will be on display at the QCC Art Gallery now through October 30, 2016.

Yuma, who now resides in New York, is a self-taught visual artist and performer as well as a craft maker. She sees in art a reflection of the nature of space and time, noting that “Our body dies, but life is eternal.”

She adds that, “Today we are living in a Global Age, a progressive time for humanity as we shed our arbitrary differences. However, our vast mutual efforts also have repercussions for the planet in the eradication of our environment and a subsequent loss of awareness of the beauty of the natural world. Still, my Japanese origin is very important to me and my imagination and creative endeavors inevitably reflect my culture. My paintings are based on the mysteries of life and death and love, and I feel that the past, the present and the future are like a circle all connecting as one.”

“Atsuko Mu Yuma is a multi-dimensional artist who does not have to strain to achieve perfection, but surrenders herself to her art through discovery and spontaneity,” said Faustino Quintanilla, Executive Director of the QCC Art Gallery.

Yuma has displayed her work at a wide variety of venues throughout the world. During 2016 she has presented her work in group exhibitions at the Gallery Max New York, the Musashino Art University’s Third Graduation Exhibition, and the May Kyushuu Earth Quick benefit Exhibition at the Gallery One Twenty Eight in NY. Another recent group exhibition was held at the Gallery MC in NY (Musashino Art University Second Graduation Exhibition). Other shows included were the 2012 Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai. In 2012, Yuma won “The New Figure Prize” from the Mushashino Art University in Japan.