Lehman Senior Receives Internship Extension at NBC

Grisel Mora at NBC

Grisel Mora at NBC

Grisel Mora, a Lehman senior majoring in journalism, has received two internship extensions at NBC after completing the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ (NAHJ) Summer Diversity Fellowship. (NAHJ) The current extension will run until May 2017.

Mora’s former Journalism Professor, Miguel Perez, a distinguished reporter known for covering Latino communities, advised Mora to set-up an NAHJ account so she could apply for possible internships.

For the Summer Diversity Fellowship of 2016 she provided an essay about her journey to discovering journalism as her passion, two letters of recommendation, and a series of links to her online-published works.

Mora was ecstatic when she found out she was accepted into the fellowship. Not only has the fellowship helped jumpstart her career, but it also provided her with $3,000 in scholarship funds for school. Now she can do the one thing that truly makes her happy: Write articles about current events and how those events impact the communities that she comes from.

“When I was growing up, it was a hard time, we didn’t have much,” says Mora. “As a child, I knew I couldn’t help my mom financially, so I figured out the one way to help her was to do well in school. Through that, I found my passion in reading and writing.”

Mora has written numerous stories at NBC and her list of publication links continues to grow as her portfolio becomes increasingly complex. At NBC. she has gained immeasurable experience writing, communicating, editing, and most importantly, reporting. Her co-workers and supervisors have been incredibly supportive and have offered constructive feedback and valuable advice.

“Regardless if I end up working for NBC or not, I know that there are many doors that have been, and will continue to open up for me,” says Mora.

Ultimately, after completing graduate school for journalism, Mora goal is to work for the New York Times, writing opinion-columns. She wants to “be the voice of urban communities in underprivileged New York City neighborhoods.” Her love for writing these types of stories is therapeutic; an opportunity to disconnect herself from the story, while relaying a message she feels needs to be heard.

“Lehman has been a great resource for me,” says Mora. “I’m very proud of being a student here, and I’m very proud of the institution and opportunities available when you take advantage of them.”

Media Contact:  David Koeppel/ 718-960-4992/ david.koeppel@lehman.cuny.edu