Capital One Foundation will contribute $145,000 to
Provide Training in a Growing, Essential Field

December 19, 2016 — As the world grows more reliant on computers and the Internet to conduct the essential business of industry and government, cybersecurity that provides protection from uninvited hacking and other invasions of digital privacy is crucial. Now Bronx Community College is becoming a part of this burgeoning field thanks to a grant from the Capital One Foundation of more than $145,000 to establish a Cybersecurity and Networking Program.

The funding was approved in November and will go toward designing the BCC cybersecurity program. This will be done with input from a nonprofit organization that provides technology skills training and professional development tailored to business needs to highly motivated students from overlooked talent pools, such as the urban poor and minorities. In the spring of 2018, the first group of students will enter the new 30-credit certificate program.

The certificate will be “industry neutral” — meaning that the training will not be restricted to one field. Instead, graduates will be able to use these skills in any business that uses computers — which is virtually every business. Adjunct faculty will be drawn from people currently working in the industry.

Those who earn a certificate will immediately qualify for related jobs. Eventually the goal is a 60-credit two-year AAS degree in cybersecurity, toward which the 30 credits of the certificate program can be applied.

“This program will be another opportunity for BCC students to acquire both hands-on job experience and the foundation of higher education,” says BCC President Thomas A. Isekenegbe. “We are grateful to the Capital One Foundation for their support of our students and their futures.”