Professor Hiroshi Matsui Leads Belfer Team in Trailblazing Cancer Research

Hunter Professor Hiroshi Matsui, an expert in bio-nanotechnology, is the lead author of a groundbreaking study just published in Nano Letters, a prominent academic journal. Professor Matsui’s article documents his Hunter lab’s discovery of a tiny new anti-cancer drug carrier. This nanoparticle-based carrier promises to replace current drug-delivery methods and dramatically improve treatment for metastatic osteosarcoma.

Professor Matsui, Professor Shahana Mahajan, and other members of their Hunter team conducted the study in close collaboration with Dr. David Lyden’s team from Weill Cornell Medical College. Their collaboration took place in the three-year-old Belfer Building, where Hunter scientists share space and work daily with scientists from Weill Cornell.

“This discovery is one of many fine outcomes of Hunter’s decision to move a number of scientists to Belfer,” Professor Matsui said. “Our close collaborative work with Weill Cornell can be accomplished only because we’re all in one research facility.”

From left to right: Sham Rampersaud, Prof. Hiroshi Matsui, Dr. Kristina Fabijanic, Justin Fang