Statement from Chancellor James B. Milliken on Launch of CUNY’S Online Learning Initiative  

One of the great opportunities we have in making CUNY a more powerful 21st century university is to build on our record of using the best 21st century tools to increase our effectiveness and our reach. That is why I’m excited that we are moving forward on one of the key initiatives in our new strategic framework, a significant expansion of online degrees and courses. Expanding our presence online will help us address the critical goals of improving access and completion.

A CUNY task force led by John Jay College President Jeremy Travis and University Professor Ann Kirschner did an excellent job of laying the foundations for this expansion and in outlining a course of action appropriate for CUNY. It offers maximum flexibility for the faculty members who will be creating courses and degree programs while providing the consistent format and quality assurance that will best serve our students. This approach also provides great opportunities for faculty in different departments or at different colleges to collaborate and build joint courses and programs, increasing opportunities for faculty collaboration and student success.

We have now issued an RFP to find the best technology company to partner with us, offering different levels of service to meet individual college needs. And this link will take you to the task force report. I encourage you to take some time to learn about this important new step for CUNY.