Chancellor J.B. Milliken Shares CUNY’s New Strategic Vision

CUNY’s new Strategic Framework, our vision of how the University will deliver on its special mission in the 21st century, is now being implemented with activity underway on its many programs and initiatives. We know that the demands of the knowledge economy require that we strengthen our programs and strategies to ensure our students are prepared for the most promising career opportunities. We start by offering a high quality education, but we must also step up support and provide programs that will help our students graduate on time and develop the work experience they need to launch their careers when they leave.

We intend to increase CUNY’s graduation rates significantly so that more students will benefit from a college diploma. We are working to ensure that more students graduating from city high schools will be prepared to succeed in college-level studies.

This is a pivotal time for the university and I hope this brief video will help convey our excitement about CUNY’s new chapter. I hope you can take just a few minutes, click on this link and listen to my description of the path ahead.