College Holds First Global Learning Summit

Global Learning Summit participants.

On May 19, The Global Learning Summit (GLS), a pilot project between Global Guttman and the Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement, was held. The event encouraged students to reflect on their transformative global experiences (8-24 months post travel) and to begin to translate their experiences into marketable skills for the workforce. 62 Global Guttman Alumni from 2014-2016 were invited to the event along with current Guttman students interested in international study. Attendees networked with one another, explored new ideas and insights related to international travel, and completed exercises to establish their global identity and articulate how their experiences can be directed toward developing career opportunities.

The Global Learning Summit featured keynote speaker Katherine Gutierrez, a LaGuardia Community College graduate who traveled in Brazil and is now studying financial economics at Columbia University, and a video from former Student Success Advocate Eddy Dure, who is now working for the Peace Corps in Senegal. The Summit’s variety of information and perspectives put students on track to more effectively globalize their academic and professional lives.

Katherine Gutierrez, Keynote Speaker