Professors Publish Article about Hybrid Course Learning

Kristina Baines, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Faculty for Academic Technology, Sebastien Buttet, Associate Professor of Economics, Forest Fisher, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Vanita Naidoo, Instructor of English, and Paul Naish, Assistant Professor of History, have authored Students as Producers in Hybrid Courses: Case Studies from an Interdisciplinary Learning Circle in IJSoTEL (International Journal for Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning, Vol. 1, No. 2 (2017) ).

Using five case studies from the hybrid course initiative at Guttman Community College, this paper explores a focus on students as active participants in the learning process, ways to foster inquiry in the out-of-classroom space and how to maintain the dynamic nature of producing knowledge through innovative and engaging assignments in the teaching and learning process. It relates the experiences of faculty members, who were inaugural participants in an interdisciplinary hybrid learning circle, in designing and teaching hybrid courses (50% in class and 50% online/out of class) to increase student engagement and the student creation of products beyond written assignments for the online space, using multiple technologies as tools. It also highlights benefits and challenges of discussing and developing hybrid courses in community with a focus on the simultaneous co-development and integration of pedagogical strategies and technological components to promote inquiry, connection, active learning and, ultimately, social justice through the collaborative coproductionof knowledge with both colleagues and students.

The full text for this article is available as a PDF.