Professor Appointed a Manhattan Community Board Member

Chet Jordan, Instructor of English and newly appointed Human Research Protection Program Coordinator at Guttman, has been chosen as a member of Manhattan Community Board 5, serving midtown Manhattan, the Fashion, Flower, Flatiron and Diamond Districts, as well as Bryant and Union Square Parks.

As a board member, Chet hopes to advocate for public higher education’s role in serving the local neighborhood and be an ambassador for Guttman and CUNY because, as he said, “CUNY is part of the story of New York City and Guttman is now certainly a part of the narrative of Midtown.” He will serve a two-year term.

Chet decided to join Community Board 5 because his professional life as a Guttman faculty member is deeply tied with the local issues that dominate the area. “As Guttman prepares to enter a period of growth in the coming years and particularly as it searches for a permanent residence, I believed that my participation on the Community Board would allow me to understand more acutely the ways in which I could learn about how policy-level decisions are made that might have an impact on the Guttman community,” said Jordan.

Chet hopes that his experience serving on the board will have an impact on his students. He teaches a number of social science courses throughout the year, many with themes focused on New York City. “I imagine that my experience on the board will offer my students a deeper corpus of knowledge regarding the local issues that surround their campus,” he said.

Each Community Board member is obligated to serve on two committees determined by the board. Mr. Jordan will request a seat on the Budget, Education & City Services Committee.

Chet has been a Guttman faculty member since 2012 and is currently finishing his doctorate in CUNY’s Urban Education program. His dissertation research investigates the efficacy of Guttman’s instructional model through both quantitative and qualitative analysis of CUNY student records.