“For decades, it has been a matter of pride and policy that The City University of New York has been among the most inclusive universities in the country, welcoming and benefiting enormously from our diversity, which includes every underrepresented group and especially the LGBT community. CUNY and the university community have been solid supporters of what was initially called gay liberation, and, more recently, for marriage equality, on behalf of our students, faculty and staff, for our city and for our country. Our classrooms explore our changing society and the struggle to realize our country’s promise of freedom for all, our campuses offer a rich array of services and support to all of our students, and our students have created vibrant LGBT organizations across our campuses that recognize and promote their valuable role in the success of our mission.

“In a significant new step, CUNY’s Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy announced this week its leadership role in a federally funded, $7.5 million collaboration with Albert Einstein College of Medicine and The Rockefeller University aimed at preventing HIV transmission and ending the AIDS pandemic. CUNY will design strategies to create, deliver and scale up evidence-based programs for preventing and treating HIV infection, regardless of socioeconomic, racial and ethnic background.

“CUNY joins all of New York in recognizing the immense contributions of our LGBT community and celebrating the rich diversity of our great university and the city. It is one of the great sources of our pride and, we all hope, yours as well.”