Hospitality Management Professor Claire Stewart Interviewed by Brides

“Wedding trends come and go, and traditions have evolved right along with them—including what’s served and eaten on a wedding day. And while deciding what to feed your guests can be fun (hello, tastings!), you may not have realized that what you choose to serve can actually provide all sorts of cultural insight. That’s what Claire Stewart set out to do as she began researching her new book, As Long As We Both Shall Eat: A History of Wedding Food and Feasts.

Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management at City Tech, CUNY in New York and a trained and experienced chef herself, Stewart examined wedding food customs, from tossing rice to late night snacks, to get a peek into the conspicuous consumption that is a wedding feast. We asked the author to share a little bit of what she learned, both writing her book and as her time as a banquet chef, serving meals to newlyweds and the ones they love.”

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Interviewed by Jaimie Mackey