Lehman Students Receive Six Gilman Scholarships for Study Abroad

Lehman College has been awarded a personal best: six Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships for the Fall 2017 semester. The scholarships provide financial assistance to qualifying students who will study abroad. This fall, Lehman awardees will receive up to $5,000 to pay for their studies in Italy, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

The winning students are Katherine Agurcia-Amaya (Italy); Izadora Dau (United Kingdom); Daniel Familia (South Korea); Maria Hernandez (Costa Rica); Grisel Mora (Singapore); and Mariam Sakande (the Netherlands).

“I am so excited to study abroad, not only because of the academic gains but because of the challenge it presents,” said Grisel Mora, a senior majoring in journalism. “It will take me out of my comfort zone and plummet me into the unknown. I believe it’s an experience that will make me competitive in the pool of job seekers.”

Mora will be studying international business and chose Singapore because it’s a “global business hub…due to its powerful financial center and multicultural population.”

Lehman partners with many universities around the world to provide students with compelling international study opportunities. Miriam Sakande will be attending Hague University in the Netherlands, while several Hague students will be studying at Lehman.

“Our students want to go to different places and they come back thirsty for more,” said Lynne Van Voorhis, the assistant dean of international programs and global partnerships. “They learn about themselves and realize they can actually survive and thrive in a different culture. I value the fact that they have the guts to get out in the world and test themselves. They always succeed.”

“Without a dedicated staff and talented students, Lehman would not be able to earn the distinction of being a college on the move,” said Dr. Harriet Fayne, interim provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. “This ‘personal best’ is a result of teamwork and commitment to globalize the student experience.”

The Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship is sponsored by the United States Department of State and has been administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) since its inception in 2001.