The Criminal Justice System, Racial Inequality and Civic Engagement: Power-building in the Era of Mass Incarceration  

Bronx Community College

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Roscoe Brown Student Center [BC], Hall of Fame Playhouse

Bronx communities confront the burdens  of the criminal justice system on a daily basis. Despite these daunting challenges, there are ways to claim power, become actively involved in local issues and be a force for positive change.

This presentation will start off by exploring how over-policing, mass incarceration, racial and economic inequality and other forms of oppression affect the lives of  Bronx residents. Speakers Wesley Caines and Jen Lackard will then talk about the political landscape of the Bronx and why skills such as critical thinking, political awareness, civic engagement and education are necessary to access power. Participants will have an opportunity to engage in a discussion on strategies and avenues for becoming agents for change.Presenters:

Wesley Caines, The Bronx Defenders
Jen Lackard, Race for Reentry

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Co-sponsored by Office of Student Life, Future Now , BCC MEN, CUNY Justice Academy, Criminal Justice Program, Bronx Corridors to College Initiative & The Democracy Project