Statement from Interim Chancellor Vita C. Rabinowitz Regarding the Jose Peralta DREAM Act

“Supporting immigrant students has always defined CUNY, an institution built to provide a top-quality education and bridge to the middle class for those who would otherwise be denied.

“There is applause from every quarter of CUNY today for Governor Cuomo’s unwavering commitment to enacting the New York DREAM Act. The extension of tuition assistance to undocumented immigrants will benefit thousands of students who were brought here, through no choice of their own, by parents determined to give them a better life.  Helping young people afford and attend college is an investment that will pay for itself many times over in the future.  Not only does the average college graduate earn more and pay more in taxes, but by overcoming the long odds to put themselves in the position to go to college, DREAMers also have proven that their grit, resilience and determination are second to none.

“We also applaud the Governor for his decision to name this groundbreaking measure for the late Senator Jose Peralta, a Queens College graduate who was one of Albany’s earliest and most eloquent champions of New York’s Dream Act.”