November 28, 2006 | Baruch College

    Baruch College Conference to Explore Ethical, Financial and Management Issues Monday, Dec. 1, 2006 The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College will hold a conference exploring the impact of a possible avian flue pandemic on business continuity public policy and health care on Friday, Dec. 1, 2006. Avian Flu: Ethical, Financial, and […]

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  • Later Life Entrepreneurship

    October 24, 2006 | Baruch College

    AS THE U.S. POPULATION AGES, IT’S A GROWING TREND Baruch Conference Looks at Changing Demographics, Employment Patterns Conference Date: Monday, Oct. 30, 2006 Contrary to the popular image of the entrepreneur as an ambitious young hotshot, many, if not most of those who elect to start their own businesses are men and women over the […]

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    October 23, 2006 | Baruch College

    Ackerman Lecture Set for Nov. 9, 2006 Discriminatory housing patterns and segregated schools have proved among the most intractable obstacles to attaining full racial equality in the U.S. On Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006, the Lillie and Nathan Ackerman Lecture Series at Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs will host a panel discussion devoted to these […]

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  • Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez To Speak At Baruch College Tuesday, Sept. 19

    September 15, 2006 | Baruch College

    Leonel Fernandez, twice president of the Dominican Republic (1996-2000 and 2004- 2008) and widely considered an innovator and economic reformer, will speak at Baruch College on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006. A former lawyer and leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Fernandez is credited with stabilizing the D.R. economy and advancing his country’s technological development. […]

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  • NYC High School Entrepreneurs Strut Their Stuff: Students Vie for Top Honors in Baruch College & Merrill Lynch IPO Challenge

    June 19, 2006 | Baruch College

    Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 6 pm. The Baruch College & Merrill Lynch IPO Challenge for high school entrepreneurs will have its grand climactic moment on Thursday, June 22 at 6 pm when the winners of the competition are announced. Teams of students from a dozen New York City public high schools, representing every borough, […]

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  • Baruch College President and U.S. Bureau of the Census Director Open the New York Census Data Research Center at Baruch College

    May 8, 2006 | Baruch College

    Baruch College President Kathleen Waldron and Director of the U.S. Bureau of the Census Charles Louis Kincannon today opened a state-of-the-art facility that provides secure access to Census Bureau microdata for approved research. The New York Census Research Data Center (NYCRDC) is located at Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs (SPA) on East 22nd Street […]

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  • Robert Zicklin Center For Corporate Integrity Holds 5th Annual Financial Reporting Conference

    April 26, 2006 | Baruch College

    Executive compensation, pensions and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act will be on the agenda at the 5th Annual Financial Reporting Conference organized by the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College. The conference, which takes place on Thursday, May 4, 2006, 8:15 am to 5:15 pm, brings together all major stakeholders in the ongoing quest […]

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    April 24, 2006 | Baruch College

    Felix G. Rohatyn, former Ambassador to France (1997-2000) and longtime chairman of the Municipal Assistance Corporation (Big MAC), will speak on America’s long and complex relationship to Europe and on the rift between the U.S. and France caused by the Iraqi War. Born in Europe, Rohatyn came to the U.S. in 1942 at the age […]

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  • Competition In A Consolidating Environment: Changing Market Structure Around The World

    April 19, 2006 | Baruch College

    With the New York Stock Exchange acquiring Archipelago and NASDAQ absorbing INET, market structures in the past year have undergone dramatic change and the process of consolidation is still continuing. Conference organizer Robert Schwartz, University Distinguished Professor at Baruch College and an international authority on market structure will focus his annual conference to understanding the […]

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  • James J. Yee, Former Chaplain, Guantanamo Bay, To Speak On ‘Religion And The Law’

    April 4, 2006 | Baruch College

    With the country deeply divided on issues of faith and morality, can the separation of church and state be preserved? To what extent can government intervene in the activities of religious organizations? The lillie and Nathan Ackerman lecture series on equality and justice in America will explore religion and the law: the virtue of tolerance […]

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