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Pets help you stay healthy

April 12, 2016 | The University

Did you know that pets are beneficial to your health? Apparently yes, and there is enough scientific evidence to back up this claim. Dr. David J. Demko, a professor of gerontology and research methodology from the University of Michigan, estimates that a pet dog can add two years to the life of its owner. Amazing, isn’t it?

Industry City expects to establish 20,000 jobs by 2025

April 12, 2016 | The University

Industry City is growing by leaps and bounds, according to its directors, who said they expect the commercial complex in Sunset Park to generate 20,000 jobs by the year 2025.

CUNY Students Add 10 More NSF Graduate Fellowships

April 12, 2016 | The University

CUNY students this month captured 10 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships, bringing to 80 the number of students and alumni who have won the nation’s most prestigious federal grant for graduate research in the sciences over the past five years.

No first language

April 11, 2016 | The University

Gita Martohardjono’s own language story guides her research By Greg Uyeno April 11, 2016 Indonesian. German. Italian. English. French. These are the languages spoken by Gita Martohardjono, director of the Second Language Acquisition Lab at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. She studies how the languages we know affect the languages we learn […]

Moms play key role in how well we age

April 8, 2016 | The University

By Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz April 8, 2016 While human babies are dependent on their parents for years, research shows that how we will age as adults begins in the womb. You know a pregnant woman’s habits can affect her newborn’s health. But did you know it also can influence how an offspring […]

Study finds PrEP under-prescribed

April 8, 2016 | The University

April 8, 2016 Out of a pool of more than 1,000 gay and bisexual men, a new UK study found that only 83 — fewer than one in 10 — reported PrEP use, Reuters reports. But 42 percent of those who do use it said they had not skipped a single dose in the previous […]

Key to Herbal Remedy’s Success May Be in the Bacteria

April 8, 2016 | The University

Juzen-taiho-to, also known as shi quan da bu tang, is one of the most popular herbal formulas in China and Japan and is used in the West by practitioners of traditional Asian medicine. New research suggests the remedy’s immune-boosting effects are due, at least in part, to bacteria that grow on the roots of one of the formula’s component herbs.

Tandon Develops Hybrid Molecule for Breast Cancer Treatment

April 8, 2016 | The University

About one in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in their lifetimes. While death rates have gone down since the early 1990s, breast cancer still results in the second most deaths among women of any type of cancer, behind lung cancer. So far in 2016, researchers at NYU Langone’s Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center and the Tandon School of Engineering have made serious strides in researching the disease.

Statement from Chancellor James B. Milliken on Governor Cuomo’s Nominations to the CUNY Board of Trustees

April 8, 2016 | The University

I commend Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on his nominations of two outstanding and distinguished New Yorkers to the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York.

CUNY Awards Science and Engineering Scholarships To 20 NYC High School Students

April 7, 2016 | The University

Twenty New York City high school students – representing bright and promising future scientists and engineers – have been awarded prestigious scholarships to The City University of New York.

Immune-boosting formulation in Chinese herbal remedies comes from bacteria growing on Angelica roots

April 6, 2016 | The University

April 6, 2016 Juzen-taiho-to, also known as shi quan da bu tang, is one of the most popular herbal formulas in China and Japan and is used in the West by practitioners of traditional Asian medicine. New research suggests the remedy’s immune-boosting effects are due, at least in part, to bacteria that grow on the […]

Gay men follow HIV prevention regimen, if MDs prescribe it

April 5, 2016 | The University

Gay and bisexual men who take a Truvada pill daily to prevent infection with HIV did better than researchers expected at sticking to their medication schedule, according to a new report.

Statement by Chancellor James B. Milliken on the New York State Adopted 2016-17 Budget

April 1, 2016 | The University

The state budget agreed to last night by Governor Cuomo, Speaker Heastie and Leader Flanagan provided a modest increase to CUNY’s operating budget.

Why Counterfeit Cigarettes Are More Harmful

April 1, 2016 | The University

If you thought regular cigarettes are unhealthy, wait until you hear what’s inside their counterfeit counterparts.

Kickstarting Innovative Nutrition Research

April 1, 2016 | The University

Since 2012, the Academy’s Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science has awarded research grants to scientists whose work focuses on filling in gaps in knowledge and evidence in the field of nutrition science. By helping to fill out the scientific community’s understanding, these grants aim to drive evidence-based changes to policy and practice impacting public health around the globe.

Men Using Daily HIV Prevention Drug Report High Levels of Adherence Research being presented at Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting

March 30, 2016 | The University

A study of more than 1,000 gay and bisexual men currently prescribed a daily HIV prevention drug showed high levels of medication adherence.

Astronomers fund copy of Jupiter’s Big Red Spot on dwarf star

March 30, 2016 | The University

Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a tiny star with a giant, cloudy storm looks like Jupiter’s Big Red Spot, using data from NASA’s Spitzer and Kepler space telescopes. However, this “exo-storm” hasn’t been spied on another gas giant, it’s been spotted in the uppermost layers of a cool, small star.

Brain-shocking therapy may work by boosting calcium in the brain

March 29, 2016 | The University

We might finally be figuring out how an increasingly popular therapy that uses electricity to boost the brain’s functioning has its effects – by pushing up levels of calcium in cells.

Statement of CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken

March 23, 2016 | The University

As state budget negotiations reach the final stages, there are three critical issues for CUNY

CUNY, Cornell Tech, and Founding Partner Verizon Announce Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in NY Initiative

March 21, 2016 | Macaulay Honors College, The University

CUNY, Cornell Tech, and founding partner Verizon Communications today announced a new tech education initiative targeting young women in the undergraduate and graduate school pipeline that aims to increase the number of women working in technology.